How do I get OrderStack™?
Please click here to sign up and then we will guide you through the process.
How long does it take for the system to start taking orders?
It takes around 24 hours to setup the system. Once the installation is over you can start taking orders.
Can you integrate the system with our restaurant's existing website?
Our system can be integrated with your website easily through our web plugin. OrderStack™ also lets you fully customize the plugin.
Is a website necessary for using OrderStack™?
We recommend having a website as it acts as a platform for placing orders and to promote customer interactions. This means easy access and better conversions. We can provide you a premium website at $700, free of maintenance charges.
Being said that, a website is not mandatory for using OrderStack™
Does OrderStack™ provide apps for restaurants?
Most customers, especially millennials and Generation- Z customers prefers using websites rather than independent restaurant apps for placing orders. Hence, a website that allows you to accept orders is the best option.  OrderStack™ ordering solution behaves similar to a food ordering app on mobile. The interface is customer-friendly and conversion focused.

Studies show that an app does not increase sales, but we do provide a restaurant app as a premium add-on.

Can I prevent people from ordering when my restaurant is closed?
You can set your ordering platform according to the schedule of the restaurant. Turn ordering system ON/OFF according to your convenience. You can also change item availability in the online menu if you run out of stock.
How do I manage orders received through OrderStack™?
OrderStack™ comes with a tablet that helps you manage orders. The details of all orders received through your website will be available in the OrderStack™ tablet. You will get notified in the tablet when an order is placed. We can also alert you through text on request.
Will I get customer information for the orders I receive through OrderStack™?
You will be the owner of all the information associated with orders placed on your website. The insights and analytics about the orders will be available in the OrderStack™ tablet and dashboard.
How should I reach you for assistance?
You can reach us 24x7 by calling at:
1 (530) 270-4199 (for USA)
1 (365) 655-6299 (for Canada)
You may also use the chat widget on the bottom right corner to reach us.
How does payments work using OrderStack™?
The customers can choose to pay online or pay at store. When paid online, the payment will be tranferred to the restaurant's bank account on a seven day rolling basis.