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How orderstack works

Convert your website visitors

Most customers prefer using websites for ordering food rather than third-party apps.  

OrderStack™ helps you make your website an ordering platform that converts online visitors into paid customers.

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Ordering Made Easy

OrderStack is an online ordering platform that lets customers place orders directly through your website. An 'Order Online' button from your website leads the customer to the online menu. The customer can then choose what to order and place orders directly, without any third-party involvement.

ordering made easy
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Store App

OrderStack Store App helps you to receive, schedule, and follow-up on orders. You will be notified on the app when someone places an order, along with the order details. The system also updates the customers about the progress of their order. This app works on all devices that run on Android 8 or above.

OrderStack Dashboard

Customer insights, order analytics and order history - all in one place. The Dashboard is also available on your mobile devices and desktop. You can review the sales figures and order preferences to improve your overall profit margin on the go.

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