No-Frills, No-Commitments

No-Frills, No-Commitments

Jacob was looking for an online ordering system that would enable his restaurant to face the post-COVID phase. Even though several platforms agreed to promote his restaurant, they all came at a high price. Some were charging commissions as high as 40%, some had huge setup fees, and some others wanted him to sign a contract. As Jacob was new to the world of ordering systems, he was not sure whether the commissions, setup fees, […]

Points to note while getting on board with branded online ordering systems for restaurants.

The restaurant industry embraced online ordering aggregators to get more orders and earn more income. But, high commissions and losing customer loyalty came into the play as these platforms focussed on their growth alone. Moving away from third-party aggregators all of a sudden is an abrupt action. But restaurants cannot run their business with razor-thin profits for too long either! Having the restaurant’s ordering system removes third-party involvement and associated troubles. Then comes the question, […]

Get ready for this Christmas season with OrderStack;

Saturdays in December are the busiest days for restaurants. Getting a commission-free online ordering platform for the restaurant is an aid that can help you to handle more orders seamlessly during this season and for the future as well. As customers prefer using the restaurant’s website for ordering food rather than third-party apps, it’s clever to get your restaurant on board with an online ordering enabled website. The holiday rush is the perfect time to […]