Get ready for this Christmas season with OrderStack;

Christmas now surrounds us, happiness is everywhere.
Our hands are busy with many tasks as carols fill the air

Sherley Salley

Saturdays in December are the busiest days for restaurants.

Getting a commission-free online ordering platform for the restaurant is an aid that can help you to handle more orders seamlessly during this season and for the future as well.

As customers prefer using the restaurant’s website for ordering food rather than third-party apps, it’s clever to get your restaurant on board with an online ordering enabled website.

The holiday rush is the perfect time to promote your online ordering platform. Encourage customers to place direct orders from the website and grow your sales without paying anyone any commissions.

It’s better to get OrderStack to help you in taking direct orders rather than keeping an employee stuck to the phone all day to handle impatient customers. The customers, without any wait on busy tones can place orders from your website.

Your employee might forget to mention seasonal specials over the phone, avoid all such mistakes with an online menu that can be edited according to the season’s needs.

Do not waste any more time in communicating orders across counters. OrderStack tablet provides order details at your fingertips and you can confirm the order with just a tap on it.

In short, OrderStack lets you serve customers in your brand name without any third-party involvement. It is also the most affordable solution available in the market.

To know more about OrderStack solutions that lets you take orders online from the website, without paying any commissions schedule a call now [20% off till 31st December].