The World is Now Online. Are You?

The World is Now Online. Are You?

2020 is the year that hits the roof for online businesses. To keep the safety measures in check, people tend to order-in whether they are at home or work. With growing concern for health, there are no more parties, meetups, or casual get-togethers at cafes or restaurants. Young and old enjoyed conversations with food, but now they would rather sit at home than risk their health. At such times, it is better to roll with […]

Get ready for this Christmas season with OrderStack;

Saturdays in December are the busiest days for restaurants. Getting a commission-free online ordering platform for the restaurant is an aid that can help you to handle more orders seamlessly during this season and for the future as well. As customers prefer using the restaurant’s website for ordering food rather than third-party apps, it’s clever to get your restaurant on board with an online ordering enabled website. The holiday rush is the perfect time to […]

Commission-free ordering through website

 Beep– your order is placed.  Beep– your order is confirmed. Beep– your food is getting ready. Beep– your food is out for delivery. It’s hard to imagine ordering food without getting these notifications. We are all used to this system of convenience. Hence, restaurateurs find it necessary to follow the path of embracing new-age technologies even when they come at a high cost.  But that does not mean you should strain the already thin margin of profits you […]