Commission-free ordering through website

OrderStack ordering solution works just like an app on mobile for effortless ordering experience.

 Beep– your order is placed. 
 Beep– your order is confirmed.
 Beep– your food is getting ready.
 Beep– your food is out for delivery.

It’s hard to imagine ordering food without getting these notifications. We are all used to this system of convenience.

Hence, restaurateurs find it necessary to follow the path of embracing new-age technologies even when they come at a high cost. 

But that does not mean you should strain the already thin margin of profits you make and pay high commissions to order taking platforms.

Taking orders directly from your customers is a simple solution to all of this. Yeah, but you might lose numbers if you move out all of a sudden. So, how do you find a sweet spot? 

How about expanding your revenue by skipping commissions and using online ordering through your website? Most of the millennial customers check restaurant websites before ordering food. Surprisingly, 59% of the customers who order online for food use websites instead of apps. Why waste these visitors into just visitors. Turn them into your customers by making your website an ordering platform.

Add this extra income using OrderStack. It lets you have your ordering system where customers interact directly with you. You take orders and manage them all under your brand name and without paying any commissions.

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