Avoid call-in order mishaps



Jimmy runs a restaurant at the corner of the street. One day he received several call-in orders for lunch. There was a pick-up order from Ana.

He kept English muffins and pan-seared bacon along with other items in a bag. 

When Ana came to pick up her order, she claimed that she ordered peameal bacon instead of pan-seared bacon. Jimmy forgot to note down the order details and there was no other way to confirm her claim. He thought that he handled the situation well by giving her peameal bacon but she never came back to his restaurant again. 

When there are several orders to handle at once, you might not have time to note them down. Sometimes this lack of time could cost you a regular customer. Sometimes it is hard to understand the accent. 

Optimize call-in order management with OrderStack- your commission-free
ordering system.

In general phone-in order errors stand at 15% on average.

You cannot run a restaurant profitably using only third-party food ordering apps as it takes 30- 40% of the price

That is often most of your profit.

You need customers to reach you directly to thrive well in the market. We can help you do that.

OrderStack is an online ordering platform that lets customers place orders from your website. It is commission-free and helps you generate more profit. 

Studies show that most of the customers choose a place to order food only after checking the restaurant’s website. Change these millennial and Generation-Z visitors of your website into customers. 

Keep them for long by engaging with them just the way you would if they were to dine-in at your restaurant. 

Reach customers under your brand name. Take orders through your website without any third-party involvement and commissions.

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