When Re-Opening Is At Hand

More than 85% of the restaurants in Canada are planning to reopen soon. This time, they will have to deal with things a bit differently.

Back to normal won’t be as normal as the pre-COVID times. Restaurants are the hardest hit during this pandemic. Nonetheless, stores that offered curbside pickup, delivery, or takeout were having a busy time. This shows that there is hope in moving towards the takeout and/ delivery centric restaurant atmosphere.

As more and more restaurants are moving in this direction, it is necessary to make sure that you choose your online ordering partner wisely.

Here’s something to help you: Points to note while getting on board with branded online ordering platforms.

We all have to do our part in facing this unprecedented time. We listened to our restaurant partners, and here are a few new features that we added to serve them better.

Tipping Feature:

People have started appreciating the services they receive. Our system enables customers to add tips along with their orders, to do their part in supporting restaurants.

Run Promotions:

To encourage customers to use your system for placing orders, we support promotions. Once live, OrderStack is your customized system to reach, and serve customers without any third-party involvement.

Advanced Availability Management:

You can turn item availability ON/ OFF anytime on the online menu. Edit menu items based on the availability of ingredients, and manage the online store timings in the same way you would manage your real store. You may refer this to know more about the features, and services that let us help the restaurant community, better.