Points to note while getting on board with branded online ordering systems for restaurants.

The restaurant industry embraced online ordering aggregators to get more orders and earn more income.

But, high commissions and losing customer loyalty came into the play as these platforms focussed on their growth alone.

Moving away from third-party aggregators all of a sudden is an abrupt action. But restaurants cannot run their business with razor-thin profits for too long either!

Having the restaurant’s ordering system removes third-party involvement and associated troubles. Then comes the question, if all restaurants have apps, how inconvenient it would be for an average customer? Nobody is going to install a ton of apps for all the restaurants they like unless it is for a big chain like Wendy’s or Subway.

What else can be used for taking orders?

Well, studies show that more than half of the customers in North America prefer ordering directly from restaurants than using aggregator apps. They order mostly from websites.

With an ordering enabled website, restaurants can convert their online visits into transactions easily.

Restaurants get to reach and engage with customers through their branded system and accept orders without any third-party involvement.
There is the added advantage that a mobile-friendly website behaves similar to an app on smartphones.

Restaurateurs know that convenience implies conversion in the industry.

While moving to this new phase of online ordering, restaurateurs should make sure that they get proper customer insights and analytics. The new platform should show who their repeated customers are.

The facility to accept orders from the website makes your restaurant accessible to more customers and makes it easier to order ahead for pick up, dine-in, or delivery from a single platform.

To sum up, as the competition increase in the industry, long term survival can only be done by successfully tapping the online customers and building a loyal customer base to efficient and affordable platforms.