No-Frills, No-Commitments

No-Frills, No-Commitments

Jacob was looking for an online ordering system that would enable his restaurant to face the post-COVID phase. Even though several platforms agreed to promote his restaurant, they all came at a high price. Some were charging commissions as high as 40%, some had huge setup fees, and some others wanted him to sign a contract. As Jacob was new to the world of ordering systems, he was not sure whether the commissions, setup fees, […]

Commission-free ordering through website

 Beep– your order is placed.  Beep– your order is confirmed. Beep– your food is getting ready. Beep– your food is out for delivery. It’s hard to imagine ordering food without getting these notifications. We are all used to this system of convenience. Hence, restaurateurs find it necessary to follow the path of embracing new-age technologies even when they come at a high cost.  But that does not mean you should strain the already thin margin of profits you […]

Avoid call-in order mishaps

        Jimmy runs a restaurant at the corner of the street. One day he received several call-in orders for lunch. There was a pick-up order from Ana. He kept English muffins and pan-seared bacon along with other items in a bag.  When Ana came to pick up her order, she claimed that she ordered peameal bacon instead of pan-seared bacon. Jimmy forgot to note down the order details and there was no […]