Placing orders directly from the restaurant is the trend

Nobody likes having a ton of apps on their phone just for ordering food. 

It is way more easier to order food from a third-party app than to install different apps for different restaurants we like. But studies show that  70% of customers prefer ordering food directly from the restaurant rather than using an aggregator app. Another study found that

More than half of all the online customers of the food industry refers to a restaurant’s website before ordering food

Why waste these visitors when you can turn them into customers with minimal effort?

OrderStack- One-stop solution to order ahead for pick-up, delivery, or dine-in.

Now, is there a one-stop solution? 

OrderStack is for restaurants who wish to thrive as a brand. Our online ordering solution integrated with your restaurant’s website gives you an edge in the marketplace. 

But how? 

OrderStack helps in turning website visitors into customers and taking orders directly. Customers will be able to order ahead for pick up, delivery, or dine-in. Serve customers and take orders online in your brand name. 

Get customer preferences and order details on point to impress your customers with a well-served order. Look back at the order history and use it for improving profit on the go with our advanced insights and analytics.

Our commission-free policy with such an easy user interface makes OrderStack a steal at just $60 a month!

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